GreenThumbs, Healthy Joints

Funded Projects - 2016

  • Cabin Creek Health Center, Inc. (Kanawha County) built variable height raised beds to grow vegetables along their walking path in their playground area. Area Boy Scouts offered to build benches so that gardeners and the public can rest and enjoy the garden.
  • Calhoun County Committee on Aging, Inc. (Calhoun County) planned to work with the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department and WVU Extension office to add flower planters and a garden bench. Their plan also included adding a raised garden bed so they could grow fruits and vegetables for seniors to enjoy.
  • Greenbrier County Commission (Greenbrier County) planned to work with Greenbrier County Master Gardeners, Greenbrier County Extension and Greenbrier County Committee on Aging. Their goal was to grow herbs and vegetables in raised beds for seniors at the Committee on Aging Community Center in Fairlea, WV.
  • Homestead Farm Center, Inc. (Hardy County) worked with the Disability Action Center to develop a garden, and install an accessible raised bed and garden bench at the Homestead Farm Center.
  • Hopemont Hospital (Preston County) worked with a local Master Gardener group to build a raised vegetable bed, so residents could enjoy tomatoes, lettuce and onions.
  • Mountain CAP of WV, Inc. (Upshur County) worked with a local WVU Extension Office to revitalize the residents’ garden and explore using ergonomic gardening tools at Buckhannon Manor.
  • Mountain Terrace, Inc. (Boone County) worked with Boone Family Resource Network, WVU Extension Service and United Way to build garden stations for the residents to grow fresh food at Mt. Terrace Apartments in Whitesville, WV.
  • Pendleton Manor (Pendleton County) worked with Future Farmers of America students from Pendleton High School, Franklin Group Home and Pendleton County Senior & Family Services to make raised garden beds to enjoy gardening and harvesting vegetables.
  • Putnam County Aging Program, Inc. (Putnam County) put a raised bed at each of their Putnam County Senior Centers to grow flowers and produce while learning about the benefits of accessible gardening. They enjoyed planting vegetables and herbs, to be shared in lunch salads at the center and in home meal deliveries to local seniors.