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Hanging Baskets

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a photo a fruting tomato plant hanging out of a basket

Growing plants in hanging baskets takes the bending, stooping, kneeling, and hard work of digging in soil, out of gardening. Hanging baskets can bring your plants to eye-level for easier gardening, whether sitting or standing.

Choose a basket in which to grow your plants. Since the weight of wet soil and the weight of the plant can be heavy, choose a basket that will be strong enough to hold this weight. Popular choices include: wire baskets with moss, wood and wicker baskets, terra cotta, plastic, and metal baskets. Hang your baskets using chain or wire.

Choose plants that like to grow in the conditions where you want to hang your basket. Do you want to hang your basket in a room that gets full sun, or one that does not get sun at all? Do you want your basket to be in the cooler or warmer rooms of your house?

You may have to water your hanging baskets often. Hanging baskets tend to dry out faster than plants growing in the ground.

If you cannot reach your baskets easily, think about using pulleys or ropes to raise and lower them.


Washington State University, Clark County Extension Service, has further information on growing gardens in hanging baskets under its garden mastery tips section. Visit Click on WSU search and type 'hanging baskets'.

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